Using Metrics in Pursuit of the Übermensch


I have long dreamed of using met­rics as a way to tan­gi­bly mea­sure my pur­suit of becom­ing an Über­men­sch.  Now it is time to act on those dreams for tomor­row comes far too quickly.

The plan is to start each week with a plan that can be put into a blog post under goals for the week.  Then, I will use tools designed to mea­sure var­i­ous met­rics in order to see exactly where I am suc­ceed­ing and fail­ing.  These should even­tu­ally expand to cover all of the bal­ances of life to try to achieve a nat­ural Zen state in purs­ing the superhuman.

Goals for week start­ing 04/14/2013

  1. Run an aver­age of 3 miles a day
  2. Read 14 chap­ters of pain management
  3. Do 25 ques­tions a day
  4. Pro­gram 20 Anki prob­lems a day
  5. Read for plea­sure 15 min­utes a day
  6. Main­tain Inbox Zero plus lose 20 addi­tional e-mails a day
  7. Lis­ten more than talk on average
  8. Study 2 Ital­ian and 2 Ger­man words a day
  9. Do 100 pushups and 150 crunches over the week
  10. Watch 3 CME lectures
  11. Hit a deficit of 3500 calo­ries for the week
  12. Have a mean­ing­ful con­ver­sa­tion with my chil­dren every day
  13. For lucky 13 – write 3 blog posts this week
  14. I will track every penny spent this week in light of what is made.  This will be a monthly tally.

All of the above goals are tan­gi­ble to com­plete dur­ing the course of a week.  They are all things I should be able to com­plete.  The excuse is that by not list­ing them, it is easy to let them pass me by.

In order to help myself mea­sure these goals, I will use Lift as an app to remind myself to com­plete the min­i­mum of each task each day.  Lift is a fan­tas­tic app that I have been using for some time that holds me account­able for tasks as sim­ple as floss­ing on a daily basis.  I highly sug­gest you use it.

For calo­rie count­ing, I have recently dis­cov­ered  This is a fan­tas­tic web­site that even lets you bar scan food items you are cook­ing in order to count calo­ries.  I have found it painful to try and keep a full food diary using the site, but that is prob­a­bly why I am fail­ing to get my weight under con­trol.  No excuses any­more!  If you want to win, you have to start by doing a bud­get, and that includes a calo­rie budget.

Anki is a pro­gram I have used off an on for the last 9 months in order to cre­ate flash cards.  It is an excep­tional pro­gram; the prob­lem has been me.  My fol­low through has been less than excep­tional!  Time to get my ass in gear!!!

For my runs I will use Nike’s run­ning app for my iPhone.  I like the moti­va­tional tools that they have such as ath­letes cheer­ing me on.  I also like the GPS func­tions and the cumu­la­tive total of miles that is tracked.  This data can then be fed into in order to use it for calo­rie balance.

Other pro­grams used to gather this data will include: the 100 Pushup App, Cleve­land Clinic’s Anes­the­si­ol­ogy Lec­ture Series, Rosetta Stone Ger­man and Ital­ian pro­grams, iBank, and my Kin­dle app on iPad.

The future is here: let the future begin now.

2 Responses to “Using Metrics in Pursuit of the Übermensch”

  1. Heather Fortuna Bush says:

    Jason — I rarely leave com­ments but I feel com­pelled to do so on your blog This is Heather For­tuna (now Bush) from the long past. I stum­bled across your blog and am impressed by your intellectual/soul hon­esty, your shed­ding of debt/possessions, and your gen­eral life pur­suits. Keep pub­lish­ing — it’s inspir­ing. By way of catch-up: I cur­rently live in Stuttgart, Ger­many; I am mar­ried with two adorable lit­tle girls, ages 1 and 3; and I am a man­age­ment con­sul­tant. Hope things con­tinue to go well with you. Keep on keep­ing on. Send­ing my best, Heather

    • admin says:

      Heather, oh my gosh — what a won­der­ful sur­prise to hear from you. I was sit­ting on the pier in Bal­ti­more when I received your post. Thank you so much for say­ing hello and your update! I am happy to have heard from you. Best Wishes, Jason

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