Using Metrics in Pursuit of the Übermensch


I have long dreamed of using metrics as a way to tangibly measure my pursuit of becoming an Übermensch.  Now it is time to act on those dreams for tomorrow comes far too quickly.

The plan is to start each week with a plan that can be put into a blog post under goals for the week.  Then, I will use tools designed to measure various metrics in order to see exactly where I am succeeding and failing.  These should eventually expand to cover all of the balances of life to try to achieve a natural Zen state in pursing the superhuman.

Goals for week starting 04/14/2013

  1. Run an average of 3 miles a day
  2. Read 14 chapters of pain management
  3. Do 25 questions a day
  4. Program 20 Anki problems a day
  5. Read for pleasure 15 minutes a day
  6. Maintain Inbox Zero plus lose 20 additional e-mails a day
  7. Listen more than talk on average
  8. Study 2 Italian and 2 German words a day
  9. Do 100 pushups and 150 crunches over the week
  10. Watch 3 CME lectures
  11. Hit a deficit of 3500 calories for the week
  12. Have a meaningful conversation with my children every day
  13. For lucky 13 – write 3 blog posts this week
  14. I will track every penny spent this week in light of what is made.  This will be a monthly tally.

All of the above goals are tangible to complete during the course of a week.  They are all things I should be able to complete.  The excuse is that by not listing them, it is easy to let them pass me by.

In order to help myself measure these goals, I will use Lift as an app to remind myself to complete the minimum of each task each day.  Lift is a fantastic app that I have been using for some time that holds me accountable for tasks as simple as flossing on a daily basis.  I highly suggest you use it.

For calorie counting, I have recently discovered  This is a fantastic website that even lets you bar scan food items you are cooking in order to count calories.  I have found it painful to try and keep a full food diary using the site, but that is probably why I am failing to get my weight under control.  No excuses anymore!  If you want to win, you have to start by doing a budget, and that includes a calorie budget.

Anki is a program I have used off an on for the last 9 months in order to create flash cards.  It is an exceptional program; the problem has been me.  My follow through has been less than exceptional!  Time to get my ass in gear!!!

For my runs I will use Nike’s running app for my iPhone.  I like the motivational tools that they have such as athletes cheering me on.  I also like the GPS functions and the cumulative total of miles that is tracked.  This data can then be fed into in order to use it for calorie balance.

Other programs used to gather this data will include: the 100 Pushup App, Cleveland Clinic’s Anesthesiology Lecture Series, Rosetta Stone German and Italian programs, iBank, and my Kindle app on iPad.

The future is here: let the future begin now.

2 Responses to “Using Metrics in Pursuit of the Übermensch”

  1. Heather Fortuna Bush says:

    Jason – I rarely leave comments but I feel compelled to do so on your blog This is Heather Fortuna (now Bush) from the long past. I stumbled across your blog and am impressed by your intellectual/soul honesty, your shedding of debt/possessions, and your general life pursuits. Keep publishing – it’s inspiring. By way of catch-up: I currently live in Stuttgart, Germany; I am married with two adorable little girls, ages 1 and 3; and I am a management consultant. Hope things continue to go well with you. Keep on keeping on. Sending my best, Heather

    • admin says:

      Heather, oh my gosh – what a wonderful surprise to hear from you. I was sitting on the pier in Baltimore when I received your post. Thank you so much for saying hello and your update! I am happy to have heard from you. Best Wishes, Jason

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